[NAFEX] Best online source of neem oil?

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Mon Jul 31 18:43:15 EDT 2006

I too buy the straight Neem Oil from Ahimsa Alternative in MN and agree
with Jim's comment below. 


Deirdre Birmingham, 
Hollandale, WI  Zone 4b

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> These folks seemed to know what they were talkiing about, or at least
sounded good when I visited their booth at the Organic Conference in La
Crosse, WI, last February.  I have been thinking of ordering some from them.
> http://www.neemresource.com/Neem&KaranjaOil.html
> Jim, in Menomonie, WI
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> The ants keep introducing aphids onto everything.  While I can use bands
on the trees to discourage them, I can't do that with the non-tree plants. 
Does anyone have a place they prefer for buying neem oil?  All I can find
locally so far is stuff that seems meant for roses.  And it's pretty pricey.

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