[NAFEX] Watermelons rootstock

BekeeprTop at aol.com BekeeprTop at aol.com
Mon Jul 31 16:13:57 EDT 2006

Next year I WILL try to graft watermelon onto a rootstock.   I'm handy with 
grafting and it might overcome some of the early season slowness watermelon 
vines show here in Massachusetts.  Of course I'll still have to have watermelon 
because I'll have to watermelon vine to graft onto the rootstock.

One well-tried watermelon rootstock is the japanese-made hybrid squash 

"In 1956, Tetsukabuto, a commercial F1 hybrid of Cucurbita maxima x C. 
moschata. from Takii & Co., Ltd., Seed Growers, Hyota, Japan, yielded many 
oblate dark green squashes at Durham, N.H. that, when cooked, were rated very 
good. "
Charlie Paradise z6 Massachusetts

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