[NAFEX] Search for "Butter Peach Variety

John Casper jfcasper3 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 31 10:16:09 EDT 2006

HELP !!!
  I'm looking for the below described peach variety.  In growing up in SW Pennsylvania we had a small orchard of them.  They have since died out.  Any help in locating a source to buy this peach tree variety would be appreciated.  Here is how Hedrick described it back in 1917:
  U. P. Hedrick, 1917, The Peaches of New York, page 322, lsits a 'Butterpfirsich' peach. 
skin marbled with deep red in the sun; flesh whitish, fainlty red at the stone, melting, juicy, sugary; stone small, oval, nedarly free, ripens August 11." 
  Any help appreciated.

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