[NAFEX] elderberries under black-walnuts

Peter Chrisbacher pxbacher.ls at comcast.net
Fri Jul 28 09:47:57 EDT 2006

Tanis, Stephen and others -

Thanks for the elderberry follow-up!  I'm the one who originally posed 
the question a while back.

My three elderberries went in this spring, all beneath a large black 
walnut in our side yard.  They haven't seemed to have had any 
difficulties so far, and I saw and cut quite a few yellow roots while 
planting them.  I don't expect them to thrive, as they're really not 
getting enough sun where they are, though I'm keeping competing weeds 
down with leaf mulch, so that should give them a little boost.

Whem I put them in, I pruned them back pretty well, and for fun, stuck 
some of the cuttings in pots - they're also doing well!  I'll plant them 
in a low spot in a corn field near my bee hives and see how they compete 
with multiflora rose ;-)

Pete Chrisbacher
SE PA - Zone 6B

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