[NAFEX] unripe grapes picked - use?

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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Juice them for verjus.  It's been all the rage among CA chefs for the past
few years.  It's acidic, but depending on variety and stage of ripeness, the
ration of sweet/tart is variable.  It can be used in place of Meyer lemon
juice, vinegar (particularly aged balsamic or Chinese rice vinegar), or
orange juice (not to drink, but to use in salad dressings and marinades),
but the quantity you use - and the accompanying ingredients (sugar, oil)
will depend on your verjus.  You can find recipes for verjus use on the net.


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I had help picking grapes from high tangled vines from someone who 
doesn't mind high ladders, but who didn't notice the subtle 
differences in the bunches.  Two kinds of green grapes were ripe, but 
he also picked some that were going to be purple next month.

I have read that people have special recipes for green tomatoes.  Is 
there anything appetizing to do with unripe grapes besides compost 

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