[NAFEX] unripe grapes picked - use?

Pat Scott quandong at iinet.net.au
Wed Jul 26 02:22:01 EDT 2006


See website: http://18thccuisine.blogspot.com/2005/01/verjus.html


On 26/07/2006, at 12:51 PM, Diane Whitehead wrote:

> I had help picking grapes from high tangled vines from someone who
> doesn't mind high ladders, but who didn't notice the subtle
> differences in the bunches.  Two kinds of green grapes were ripe, but
> he also picked some that were going to be purple next month.
> I have read that people have special recipes for green tomatoes.  Is
> there anything appetizing to do with unripe grapes besides compost
> them?
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