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Sun Jul 23 18:54:09 EDT 2006

On Jul 23, 2006, at 1:14 PM, Dylan Ford wrote:

> Folks - When Richard Ashton offered pomegranate cuttings I asked  
> him if any
> might make a go of it in Long Island's zone 6-7, and he had two  
> that he
> thought might possibly. I received four cuttings in February and  
> followed
> his instructions. All four leafed-out and rooted, and when it was warm
> enough I moved them outside. A few weeks later one suddenly failed,  
> I don't
> know why, but I am left with three pretty little trees ready to go  
> in the
> ground.
> Thanks Richard, I will keep you posted on their progress.  dylan

He also shared four cuttings from 2 cold hardy varieties with me, in  
eastern Mass.' zone 6.  The two that I put in brand new pots sprouted  
nicely, and the two that I put in a previously used pot rotted and  
died.  I think there's a lesson there.  Of the two that sprouted, i  
gave one to a friend, by way of diversifying my risk.  He didn't get  
around to planting or watering it, so it died, too.   The fourth is  
in my back yard.  It has grown a bit since I planted it, and looks  
pretty happy, although I think it would prefer more sun and less  
rain.  This winter, I plan to put a fence around it and completely  
cover it with shredded leaves, since snow cover isn't reliable,  In  
the spring I will rake the mulch over the rest of the orchard.   
(Since I have a lot of leaves to dispose of every fall, this will be  
very convenient.)

I also thank you, and will keep you posted.


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