[NAFEX] Blackberry

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Sun Jul 23 09:20:03 EDT 2006

Is this:

On Jul 23, 2006, at 8:59 AM, Jim Fruth wrote:

>     I have one variety of one species that I do sell plants from.  The
> berries aren't quite as big as Fort Kent (it has fewer druplets per  
> berry)
> and it doesn't produce quite as many fruits as Fort Kent but the  
> plant only
> achieves 5' of height as compared to Fort Kent's 7'.  It has an  
> acceptable
> number of small, relatively soft thorns.   It is winter hardy with a
> good-tasting berry that hangs on until harvested.

the zone 3 blackberry you want to release?  Did you breed it  
yourself, or find it?

I have no idea what the demand would be, and i can't think why  
someone would reject a plant for being found rather than  
intentionally bred.  But if you have any info on its genetics/ 
parents, I'm sure some people on this list would find it interesting.


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