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Doc: Where are you located and what kinds of figs do you have? I am very
impressed with my Celeste! It is a young tree, just planted three months
ago, and it is bearing a great little crop and I don't see any kind of
blemish on the leaves or any insects on it!  We have a very hot, humid
summer here, but the winter can be biting cold, too (6B). I'd like to plant
other varieties of fig next year. I'm hooked on them now.

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Yeah, Dr. Sadler but we can't grow the type figs in the South which you can
grow in California which lend themselves to drying very well.  It's best to
eat as many as you can before the June bugs get them and make some preserves
with the rest.  Fig preserves go good on a cat's head biscuit with a slab of
fried country ham and washed down with a cup of hot chicory when  frost is
on the pumpkins.
Doc Lisenby
Zone 7/8
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