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Fri Jul 21 09:25:02 EDT 2006

There are an incredibly large number of Japaneses Beatles in my backyard 
orchard. They seem to be usung my grape arbor as their base. Hand picking was 
futile. What spray suggestions might you have?
Kevin McCrindle, Waterloo,IA Zone 4b  

Sevin works very well. Beware that if you have wild grapes, wild roses and 
some other favorite plants near you they should also be sprayed as they will 
work as a feeding source to supply next years beatles. 

Traps will collect thousands of them, they work. Warning don't place them in 
the middle of the area you wish to protect. Not all find the trap and actually 
attract them to the area. My suggestion is place traps maybe 50 feet on each 
side of the area you are protecting. You will not get 100% protection from 
traps. Best bet is spray. 

As someone else wrote natural predators seem to get reasonable control after 
about 10 years, but the problem never goes away. I also applied Milky Spore 
maybe 10 years ago. I suspect that is one of the natural controls now. Too bad 
birds natural insect taste doesn't evolve to include them. Maybe in another 
1,000 years some will.       

Jerry zone 5b
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