[NAFEX] Help with Celeste Figs

Zeugitai zeugitai at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 08:52:53 EDT 2006

I put in a Cleleste Fig tree this spring and it has a good batch of figs on
it.  Today I went out and saw pin points of seepage coming through the skin
of the majority of fruits, some more and some less mature.  My first thought
was that our unbroken string of heat indexes over one hundred degrees these
past five days have made them sweat, much as I am doing right now.  I'm in
northeastern Arkansas, near the bootheel of Missouri, and it has been
extremely hot and extremely humid this past week.  I had one fruit,
purplish, drop off in my hand when I tried to inspect it. It is very soft.
Is this normal for a ripe fig?  I am completely inexperienced with figs (
and most else!)  Do we have any fig growers out there?  (Thanks)

Greenway, AR
Zone 6B
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