[NAFEX] Inexpensive Plum Curculio lure

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A lot of growers hereabouts tried IPM as a transitional approach to organic.
They couldn't be convinced that organic produce could be attractive enough
for market, but after seeing the effects of using lower-toxicity approaches,
some made the switch to organic.  The wine industry here was a silent leader
in organic culture - many vineyards converted decades ago, but didn't
advertise it - still don't - because they think consumers would think the
grapes were inferior or not free of pests.  
IPM has been an easier sell.  It can be less costly, less toxic, and better
for the bees, resulting in better crops.
I'm happy to hear about how you're using it.

Stephen Sadler
USDA 9, AHS heat zone 8, 
Sacramento CA - Mediterranean climate

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We used the small circle traps with   a pheromone/plum scent lure from Great

Lakes IPM.  The apple tree trunks were not painted white and we used Assail 
followed by an Imidan spray 2 weeks later.  2 weeks later we followed the 
same regimen, assail followed by Imidan as we were also experiencing a high 
CM (codling moth) count that was way above our threshold.

IPM is the choice of most orchards that I have come in contact with 
throughout the Midwest as well as eastern states such as New York.  I am 
involved with a training program that is being conducted by John Aue, our 
contracted entomologist from Wisconsin.  There are many orchards in 
southern/southeastern Wisconsin being trained by John through the Wisconsin 
Eco-Apple Project (http://www.thinkipm.org/apples/).  Since we consult with 
John, he has been training me as part of our contracted services with him. 
This will give you an idea of what's happening with IPM in our area.

If you have more questions, just ask!

Royal Oak Farm Orchard

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