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IPM is alive and well in northern Illinois.  This is one of our marketing 
pieces we provide for our customers:

Pest Management Practices

At Royal Oak Farm we use an approach called Integrated Pest management (IPM) 
to minimize the insect and disease damage to our fruit.  IPM utilizes a 
combination of biological, natural, and cultural controls to keep 
applications of chemical controls to a minimum.  We consult with a 
professional entomologist as we monitor a number of species of insects and 
mites in our orchard, including beneficial species (predators and parasites 
of pest species).  Often there are enough beneficials to control the pest(s) 
without spraying.  Every season we can traps to catch pest species as they 
enter the orchard and determine from the traps if there are too few of the 
pest to cause serious damage to the trees or fruit or too many that would 
cause economic damage.

A weather station in the orchard tracks temperature, rainfall, leaf wetness 
and humidity from March through September, and we use this information to 
monitor the progress and severity of various diseases that can attack our 

 All these efforts make it possible to apply chemical controls only a few 
times each season when they are truly required, and we have made it a policy 
to always use the most environmentally friendly materials available.  The 
good health of our bees located all around the orchard is a testament to our 
insect and disease management strategy.

 At Royal Oak Farm we are proud of the quality of the fruit we grow, and 
equally proud that through our monitoring efforts and the use of Integrated 
Pest Management procedures we need apply so few sprays to grow excellent 

If anyone is interested in further information feel free to contact me.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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> Stephen,  I have not seen anything to do with IPM for years.  Maybe 14 
> years
> ago our food coop could get IPM apples, but I never saw any more of them. 
> I
> doubt that 1 person in 100 in Tennessee knows what "integrated pest
> management" means much less what "IPM" means.    Donna

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