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On Jul 20, 2006, at 12:10 PM, Kieran and Donna wrote:
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> When we bought the place, Milky Spore was not available, so I  
> brought dirt from where we lived in east TN and dried and sieved  
> it, figuring that if it took 16 years to protect the place instead  
> of 2 years, that would still be better than nothing. I don't know  
> if it's working, but sometimes I find whitish skinny grubs and put  
> them back in the ground.
>     For those of you on the leading edge of the wave - Japanese  
> beetles are moving westward at about 10 miles a year, the third  
> year is usually the worst.  If you will spend the money on Milky  
> Spore, it is supposed to cut the population by 75% in 2 years, by  
> 96% in 6 years.  We bought the granulated stuff that you can't get  
> anymore, and pitched it as thin and as far as it would go.  At my  
> grandmothers we tossed it on the neighbor's yard as far as we  
> could.  The disease only moves at 5 FEET a year, so it really needs  
> some human help.                         Donna
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I put down milky spore when I moved here, 9 years ago.  I get a few  
Japanese beetles, but not enough to bother doing anything about.  I  
noticed 3 skeletonized grape leaves and a few holes in the raspberry  
leaves, and that's it this year.

I don't know if the milky spore helped, since I never tried doing  
without, but my guess is that it did.  Most of my neighbors use  
chemical grub control, so I don't get a huge number of beetles from  

My father tried a japanese beetle trap years ago.  Wow!  Did that  
thing collect beetles.  The risk is that you might pull some in from  
your neighbors' yards, but it does take a lot of them out of the  
breeding pool.

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