[NAFEX] Nutless Black Walnuts?

john raymond michisimmon at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 18 10:01:17 EDT 2006

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the note.  I probably should have worded my question 
a little better.  The intent was that since it was assumed that 
the tree is monoecious and produced both male and female flowers 
the desired trait of non-bearing could presumably be the result of a defect 
in the female flowers while the male flower could still potentially produce viable 
pollen and not effect the desired trait.


- john



Monoecious just means that the male and female flowers
of a plant are separated instead of having perfect
flowers with both parts.  A monoecious plant will
still produce both male and female flowers, they will
just be separate.  If it were dioecious, then male and
female flowers would be born on separate plants.  

To answer your question, I'm not sure if there are any
nonbearing clones out there.



> Does a nutless black walnut cultivar exist that can
> be planted as an ornamental next to houses,
> driveways, etc.?  I've read that they are
> monoecious, so I guess that would imply a specimen
> that lacked the ability to produce fertile female
> flowers.
>  - john

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