[NAFEX] How not to allow unauthorized copying of a CD.

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 17 23:55:16 EDT 2006

Dr.Chiranjit Parmar,
  as Stephen mentioned earlier - there are programs,
equipment to add protection to your CDs.

There are certain downsides in making copy-protected
CDs which may or may not apply to your circumstances:

1) copy protection may prevent CDs to play on some
platforms (e.g. Linux, Mac).

2) copy protection systems make more difficult but not
impossible to copy CD. Determined and skilled cracker
*will* break protection.

3) copy protection systems cost good money. My guess
is that if you have small batch of CDs to protect and
not the most expensive content cost, of copy
protection is much more than cost of your content.

4) copy protection can mess up user's computers. Check
out recent Sony fiasco (see e.g.

5) producing content with copy protection shows
certain attitude towards users.
I (personally) would not buy or take for free
copy-protected work.

6) copy protection may prevent work from being bought
by libraries.

--- "Dr. Chiranjit Parmar" <parmarch at sancharnet.in>

> Can any of you guide me what to do in order to stop
> or at least discourage unauthorized copying of my

Consider what is the audience for your work, how many
copies you want to sell, what is the price.

Lets assume you want to distribute result of your work
- some scientific, reference information on CDs which
may be of interest of average NAFEX member, lets also
assume it is reasonably priced compared to other
references we use.

In this case I'd say to forget about copy protection.
The strongest copy protection I would consider in this
case is a competitive price and a note explaining that
this is result of years of your work and asking do not
copy it without authorization.

On other hand you may consider copy protection if the
information you are going to sell costs thousands of
dollars, but I would definitely research more about
costs of such solution. One is not going to sell too
many copies of such work anyway, right?

Publishing information as a book also discourages

You probably will want to provide free access to some
of your information for free to encourage people to
learn about it.

Good luck,

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