[NAFEX] Nut less Black Walnuts

Clifford England England's Orchard and Nursery nuttrees at prtcnet.org
Mon Jul 17 22:14:29 EDT 2006

  Yes there is 2 non nut producing ornamental Black walnuts trees available
the names are Lanciata cut leaf, and K-13 Fern leaf.   Both trees have
dwarfing characteristics and grow slow and these trees are most desirable
grafted at 4 feet from the ground. 

 I have seen on a 15 year old tree small nut lets form but the nut never get
larger than a dime and drop off. But I will admit that I would really like
to get nuts from the two cultivar.   For use in a breeding program and that
was my intentions. I grow both cultivars here at our place.    

Thank you
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