[NAFEX] Large Beetle Feeding on Peaches

Doug Harris agnt2000 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 21:57:35 EDT 2006

W3cmp at aol.com wrote:

> Hello All:
>    It's that time of year when Japanese beetles and a larger beetle,
> similar in color, about 1/2"-3/4" long, with squared off shoulders are
> (were) feasting on my peaches until I sprayed them this morning.  I have
> forgotten the name of the large beetle.  Can someone help me with the
> name?  Thanks.  Chris Patterson

Yes,  as already suggested by mangodance, you are experiencing damage from
the Green June Beetle.  They are often a severe pest on my peaches and
nectarines (along with Japanese beetles), and to a lesser degree on
raspberries and blackberries.  They were worse for me last year than this
year.  I am in western Virginia, near Roanoke.  We were very dry until  2
weeks ago when we received over 7 inches of rain over a 3-day period.  I saw
no Japanese beetles or June Beetles until after the rain, much later than
normal.  I think the ground was so hard and dry it delayed the emergence of
these beetles from below ground.

Doug Harris
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