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Some fruits need preperation to be enjoyed.  Take quince for example.  A  
great fruit if you cook it.  A persimmon if not eaten at the height of  
ripeness (looks spoiled) is so astringent it will make you pucker, and you  
won't try it again.

I have Ben Lomond and Titania black currant, and they have the spicyness  
that some people do not enjoy raw.  I make these spicy currants into wine  
and jam.

However, there are many currant varieties that have no spicyness (red  
currants, white currants, Crandall (black), Buffalo (black), jostaberry  

Your mileage may vary.  Buy some black currant wine and then decide.  Buy  
some "Ribina" concentrate and reconsider.



On Mon, 17 Jul 2006 19:21:58 -0400, Richard MURPHY <murphman108 at msn.com>  

> Question:    Why did Murph run into the house and eat the litter box?
> Answer: He had just eaten a Black Currant, and was trying to get the  
> taste out of his mouth !!!!!
> Holy Smokes, people !!  WOW !!  My wife and I sampled some at the same  
> time at a friend's house.
> We both spit the berries out, and exclaimed how they smelled / tasted  
> like Cat Tinkle  !!
> Then I asked my friend, "Hey Bob; you eat these?"
> Bob says, "No way man; they taste like pee"
> What am I missing, guys??
> Since you all seem to enjoy them so much, I know I'm doing it wrong, or  
> maybe Bob's berries were not the right Cultivar, etc etc. I would like  
> to try some in my garden. Are they OK fresh ??
> Murph


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