[NAFEX] currant joke

Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Mon Jul 17 19:21:58 EDT 2006

Question:    Why did Murph run into the house and eat the litter box?

Answer: He had just eaten a Black Currant, and was trying to get the taste out of his mouth !!!!!

Holy Smokes, people !!  WOW !!  My wife and I sampled some at the same time at a friend's house.
We both spit the berries out, and exclaimed how they smelled / tasted like Cat Tinkle  !!
Then I asked my friend, "Hey Bob; you eat these?"
Bob says, "No way man; they taste like pee"

What am I missing, guys??
Since you all seem to enjoy them so much, I know I'm doing it wrong, or maybe Bob's berries were not the right Cultivar, etc etc. I would like to try some in my garden. Are they OK fresh ??


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