[NAFEX] blackberries

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Mon Jul 17 15:59:20 EDT 2006

Sort of a followup to my raspberry note:

A friend with more land and more sun than I grows blackberries.  He  
is searching for what to do with his crop.  He says that he can  
easily harvest between 15 and 20 gallons of berries, which is well  
more than he can eat.  Last year he made jam and gave it away to  
people at the office, but he didn't use it up, and still has a lot of  
last year's jam.  He made sherbet, and still has some of that left  
over.  He makes wine, and that might be what happens to this year's  
crop, but he is looking for other suggestions.  (I suggested freezing  
them and using frozen berries to make pie - a large pie can swallow  
1/2 gallon of fruit and be gone in a couple of days in my household.)

Other suggestions would be welcome.


p.s.  I know that I plan to visit him during his blackberry season.  :)

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