[NAFEX] More Ferbam Info

Don Yellman don.yellman at webformation.com
Mon Jul 17 13:48:17 EDT 2006


The substance that caused deterioration of my sprayer seals was neem oil, not Ferbam.  Ferbam  had no visible effect on my rubber parts, though I did no special rinsing.  This is how rumors and misinformation gets started.

I am no anti-government zealot, but when the regulatory process for "re-registering" an insecticide or fungicide is so painful and expensive that it results in the withdrawal from the market of an effective fungicide with so few drawbacks, I can do without that kind of government "help".  I feel the same way about Imidan.  EPA assumes the average citizen is not to be trusted with things they don't like.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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