[NAFEX] Black currant taste; red rasp rot

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Mon Jul 17 13:16:18 EDT 2006

I freeze juices in those same 2-liter bottles, then I upend them over
pint-or-larger containers, and let them thaw for a while.  The fraction with
the highest concentration of solids - in other words, juice concentrate -
melts out, leaving frozen water behind.  When 25% of the volume has melted
out, you have a nice freezer-space-saving juice concentrate.  


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On Mon, 17 Jul 2006 08:51:55 -0400, Richard Moyer <ramoyer at gmail.com>  

> Another point from me the black currant cheerleader:Currants can hang  
> for weeks once ripe, without fungal breakdown.  Sure beats the pants off  
> "what to do with those ripe red raspberries before they rot". Richard  
> MoyerEast TN


I just put my currants into 4 liter plastic pails and freeze them.

The freezing helps break down the cellular walls and releases more juice  
without cooking.

I do the same with fresh cider from the mill.  Emptied 2 liter pop bottles  
work fine for all juices.  Applesauce can also be frozen.

Prolonged freezing also offers some sterilizing effects.


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