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Interesting that ferbam is cited by a 2006 FL pub. Will keep


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In a message dated 7/17/2006 6:57:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
loneroc at mwt.net writes:

> My understanding is that Ferbam is (was) one of the least toxic
> available.  Makers decided it was not worth the expense of
> rather than there being any problem with the stuff itself.  It's been
a long
> time, but I think it was dark and smelly--a good varmint repellent on
> own

Two years ago when a fellow INGA member passed away his widow gave me a
box of Furbam which was labeled for Brown Rot. It is very black, has a
attractive odor, have sprayed with it about three times this year. My
peaches are 
now ripening and the lowest amount of Brown Rot in years. Having damp
weather which promotes Brown Rot. I may get a decent crop of donut
peaches. They 
are good! 

I have a new sprayer (air blast) and have been spraying more regularly
year. Whether it was better attention to spraying or the Furban is


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