[NAFEX] Grapes in Heavy Soil

Erdman, James ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
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I'm in zone 4 in Western Wisconsin, on heavy clay soil (they used to make bricks out of similar soil a quarter of a mile down the road).  I have a few varieties of grapes, not as many as where we lived before near Tomah WI, which was also zone 4  (and had clay soil that seemed even stickier than what we have now).  I have never had a lot of luck with seedless grapes, but like the seeded table grapes such as Swenson's Red.
Not sure what your goals are, but I would suggest getting Lon's book and planting a few vines of a number of varieties and see how they do and how you like them.
Jim in Menomonie, WI, an hour east of Minneapolis/St Paul


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Good Afternoon All;
Can a person grow grapes in heavy soil in Maine zone 4 ??
The soil may also be considered clayish.
Apple & Pear trees thrive in it, though.
Is there a seedless grape for this area?
Do people actually buy seeded table grapes any more, now that the supermarket sells the huge, insipid sugar-balls?
Is there a decent juice grape for this area?
I might buy a copy of Mr. Rombough's book if all the answers aren't too discouraging.....
This is for a small commercial orchard that has 100 apples, 60 pears, 40 cherries. Small but commercial.
PS guys....I had a Liberty apple from Miller in the early 90's. Talk about CAR...holy crap, it was more zits than green! Died quickly while other trees thrived. Just Like today... the Jonafree is 100% zit free, as is the Yellow Transparent, but the Braeburn (Miller Comspur) is loaded..... All trees in a 20' circle. Don't make any connection between Miller / CAR. I got tons of healthy trees from them over the years.
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