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Hello Mr. Olenio,

With apples and some pears, you want to keep the scion unrooted, making the selected rootstock do the work. But with plums and perhaps some other fruits, it does not hurt to bury the graft. Eventually the scion grows its own roots, which it is perfectly compatible with. Medlar on hawthorn rootstock almost requires this, as it will likely fail in 10 years or so. So to bury the union is good in some cases.

I sometimes take a piece of underground plum root the diameter of a scion, and whip and tongue it (sounds kinky!) to a scion, creating a smallish tree. I like to bury the union because strong sunlight is not good for exposed root. Hence my need of something that rots off underground. So thank you to whoever recommended cotton string. That is perfect!

Kenneth Q.

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Excuse my ignorance, but why would you graft underground?  Everything i
read says to keep the graft union above the soil line, or you will lose
the benefits of the rootstock.  This is becasue the scion will also root

Curious as to your underground grafting.


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