[NAFEX] Black currant taste

K Q kumquat at operamail.com
Mon Jul 17 03:11:16 EDT 2006

I have also sampled the Corvallis currants in the past. Most of the European bred blacks pretty much all taste alike. If you can tell any difference, you should be working as a professional taster for a salary somewhere!

I found the major differences in the blacks to be plant growth habit and size of berry. There are some very large berries. Most of the Euro blacks have smallish to medium berries. 

Also, there are a few strains of American black currants (from Kansas, I think) that are pretty tasty. None of the Euro taste at all. And not really like Crandall either, which I thought was pretty insipid (as grown in Corvallis).

The red currants all taste pretty much alike, same goes for white currants. Not much variation in taste on those two.

The gooseberries were VERY interesting. Some could not stand full sun at all, others thrived on it. Many subtle flavor variations made it very interesting. Some gooses have so many spines on the fruit you cannot even eat them. A goat might like them. I think they are wild forms.

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