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Take an old vacuum cleaner that you don't use... get a motion sensor light, wire the vacuum to come on when the light does. Then get a trash bag and duck tape it to the blower on the vac.

Then make several long slits in the back (when the vac comes on it will make all kinds of noises from the air whipping the bag around and air escaping from the bag).

I've personally seen this in action ... it nearly gives the deer a heart attack when the lights come and then all that racket. Seems to work all summer.

Kenneth Q.


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> I am experimenting with a radio. I have purchased a cheap portable emergency
> radio working on 2 "AA" bateries, as the deers enter the far end of the
> valley where it is too far for running electricity (at least for a trial).


This didn't work as a preventive for myself.

Placed the radio in a bucket laying on the side for rain protection. Turned
up volume to max. About third night later I went to check the corn patch where
placed and a doe was standing not more than 10 feet from the radio. The doe
died while the radio was playing, "Young Love, First Love."

The radio did help by masking my footsteps. She didn't hear me approaching.


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