[NAFEX] peach leaf curl

Dianne Stephany iluvdanc at rochester.rr.com
Thu Jul 13 17:33:43 EDT 2006

We are in Rochester NY, zone 5b, and have peach leaf clurl worse this year 
than last also.  I sprayed with diluted Neem oil ( as directed from the 
bottle of  70% stock bought at a garden supply store) and the leaves have 
come  back without the orange-yellow curl. We only sprayed once, but then 
only a limited amount of leaves on the lower limbs were affected. We also 
sprayed about 2 weeks later with B. subtilis -Serenade, Gardens Alive, which 
may also had a positive effect. The product label says it will suppress 
peach leaf curl. We have also been practing good orchard management of 
raking downed leaves etc and disposing of them in the trash.  I also had 
some serenade and neem left over and sprayed the ground around the trees.

I had thinned more aggressively than usual due to the leaf curl- but we are 
still going to have more peaches this year than 2 years ago. This tree is a 
5 yr old  Starfire, and I am not sure of its reported resistance to peach 
leaf curl. Last year the late frost got them all.

This late fall we are planning on spraying when 90%+ of the leaves are gone 
and also again in the very early spring  but haven't decided on with what. 
Web sources suggest a number of sprays, such as sulfur- lime.  Any 
suggestions? I would think that lime would change the alkalinity of the soil 
and we are on heavy, alkaline clay.

BTW, we had 49 qts of red currants this year! up from 32 from last year. 
Made lots of red currant jam and one unplanned & unexpected batch of red 
currant candy/caramel.  My husband wants me to  melt down some of the jelly 
to make a candy for  Christmas presents!  Any one had any experience with 
making candy from fruit juice?

Dianne Stephany

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> This disease is very bad again this year, despite the spraying I did,
> using Mancozeb.  Any other suggestions?  We have found only l developing
> fruit; last year had over 100.  Tree is Reliance.
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