[NAFEX] Plum Curcullio Question

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Thu Jul 13 16:28:31 EDT 2006

Yes, they're pheromone traps.  Some organic orchards use confusion (OFM
traps use the same principal) lures, which work well and are less expensive
- but not suitable (at least the codling moth confusion lures) for under one
hectare. With healthy soil and a balanced beneficial insect population, one
trap per tree provided control.  You can also use one trap per several trees
to know when a flight's occurring, and react to it.  Yes, I used to get my
organic stock from Peaceful Valley back when Bob operated it out of a little
shack.  I still order from them out of habit, but the price and selection
seem pretty good, and shipping is cheap, since they're nearby.  Trapping
isn't necessarily the cheapest control - the lures are $3.50 each, and one
flight will fill the traps, necessitating a new lure.  The cost per season
can be as high as $14 per tree.  I got away with only one change per season,
and I was prepared to spray with biological pesticides if needed.  I have
read reports that even in less optimum conditions, you can get very good
control just by trapping out.

Stephen Sadler
USDA 9, AHS heat zone 8, 
Sacramento CA - Mediterranean climate

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Dr. Sadler wrote:
"Out here, where we have no plum curculio, one of our pests is codling moth.
I've had exceptional control with one lured trap per tree."

Is this the only control you use?  Are the "lured" traps pheromone, or some
kind of bait?  Any experience with OFM traps?

"New baits are being tested for curculio; one hopes that the effectiveness
will increase and price decrease."

Do you also get your CM traps from Peaceful Valley?
Mark Angermayer
Zone 5 Kansas

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