[NAFEX] heritage peach tree (silicon tape)

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Dear Mr. Nate,

Where do you get silicon tape? Does it hold up in sunlight? is it white or black? approximate cost? What are the advantages over regular PVC electrical tape?

Anyone ever heard of a good tape to use for grafting that will dissolve undergound? As in root-scion grafting. I have used PVC tape before, but I had to remember to come back later, dig around in the dirt and cut the tape off before it girdled the plant. This is when I connected roots directly to scions.

I would use masking tape, but I cannot pull hard on it to make up for imperfections in my graft-carpentry. I prefer something I can pull on pretty good!

Kenneth Q.

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Proper wood stock, along with the V-shaped cut, wrapped with silicon
tape will allow healing process which will allow the original and new
stock to maximize existing/new growth. I've had much success with

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