[NAFEX] muslim bags for grapes?

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Thu Jul 13 02:26:04 EDT 2006

Let me know how you do.  I think the only way to keep them from marauding is
to garden in, say, a locked room with thick concrete walls, and change the
combination daily...  

I used to feed them.  A little more expensive than feeding the deer, for
whom I could plant clover.  They loved cheap cat food.  I had my grapes
trellised high, and with easy food available, I don't think it was worth the
climb.  The grapes bore so heavily, I wouldn't have noticed minor pilferage.


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I would like to attempt to protect my baby grapes from raccoons and  
other predators.  Since I've never had grapes before, and no one near  
me seems to grow them, the locals don't yet know what they are - or  
so I hope.  I was wondering if hiding them in a cloth bag, or some  
other barrier, might be effective.

Any suggestions welcome.  Any source of bags also welcome.


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