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Joe Hecksel jhecksel at voyager.net
Tue Jul 11 19:13:44 EDT 2006

Hello all:

My oldest child will be a junior in highschool next year.  We have two big family vacations left.  One this summer.  Another next summer (probably Toronto).  This year, the kids voted for "out west".

The current plan is to fly into Salt Lake City (The unasked question: No, we are not Mormon.  SLC happens to have a really good airport in the center of the attractions.)  Then to drive to various attractions and base-camp/expedition.  After intense negotiation, one of the base-camps is likely to be in the St. George, Hurricane, Kanab area.

Soooo, this area was once a center of silk culture and *could* be a great place to explore for mulberries.  I once worked with a former native of Hurricane, Ut (Kelly Thurston) and he made the entire region sound like a second Garden of Eden.  Is anybody on the list familiar with the area and give me a few leads regarding good places to fruit explore?  Private emails will be gratefully accepted...even though the topic might be of general interest.

Other base camps being discussed are Moab, Ut....Gunnison, Co.....Wapati, Wy....Flaming Gorge, Wy

I regret that I cannot divulge precisely when we are traveling.  The internet is not a prudent place to publicize if/when you will be away from home.
Joe Hecksel
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