[NAFEX] Pecan Budwood

Mark or Helen Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
Tue Jul 11 18:20:46 EDT 2006


I am interested in grafting a named cultivar to my small pecan tree.  My
wife bought this pecan tree a few years ago from Home Depot, I think.  The
tag says simply "Hardy Pecan."  I think it's from seed.

I recall an e-mail dialogue between some of you regarding the difficulties
in whip&tongue grafting pecan.  I thought I might try to bud this tree if
someone has some budwood they would be willing to share.  I understand
budwood can be shipped in an envelope the same way dormant wood can(I was
told peach repositories ship budwood this way).  Anyway it's about the time
to be budding in this area, if anyone is interested?

To make matters a bit more complicated, I'm not that familiar with pecans,
so I'm not sure exactly what cultivar I want.  However I put together a few
-Hardy to zone 5
-good quality paper shell
-good scab resistance
-Named Cultivar that is NOT under patent protection (plant patents last 20
-Self-pollinating would be a plus, but I may be asking for too much.
-Live somewhere in the midwest, as I do (I'm not sure the budwood would be
very viable if it had to be mailed a long distance)

I'd pay packaging/postage costs.

If anyone knows a good pecan for zone 5 Kansas and/or has some budwood
available I'd appreciate it.

Mark Angermayer
Zone 5 Kansas

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