[NAFEX] goats foraging and other domesticated critters in the orchard

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Tue Jul 11 15:38:36 EDT 2006

At 02:10 PM 7/11/2006, Deb wrote:

>Oh and I had a dog dig up and retrieve a newly planted apple tree once...

Don't even get me started on the dog...

OK - the current youngest dog - now about a year old, de-potted my 
3-yr old grafted 'Tamukeyama' Japanese maple, chewed off most of the 
roots, and most of the growth of the scion variety.  I repotted it, 
found it in the same condition the next day - lying out in the yard, 
repotted it again, and then some weeks later found it unpotted again, 
having been lying on top of the ground for who knows how long, 
exposed to the winter elements.  I just gave up on that one.
Then, he started chewing the bark off the two 12-yr old bur oaks I'd 
planted in the front yard.  An application of Dave's Insanity Sauce 
stopped that before he girdled 'em.
Same dog - I arrived home one evening this spring to find that the 
mailcarrier had delivered the prom dress my wife & daughter purchased 
on Ebay - left it on the front porch(no one was home) - the box was 
torn open, the dress a sodden(it rained heavily that day), shredded 
mass on the front lawn.
Then, I had some cutleaf J.microcarpa seednuts a friend had sent, and 
I'd lined them out in a nursery row after stratifying over the 
winter.  Went to check on them a couple of weeks later, only to find 
the dog had uncovered each and every one of them, as well as most of 
the pecan seednuts I'd planted, leaving them high and dry on top of 
the ground, where they'd dessicated and died.
He's a good dog, but it just reinforces my desire to never have 
another puppy - they're just too destructive.


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