[NAFEX] Fruit Tree and goat care

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Tue Jul 11 14:35:59 EDT 2006

Interesting.  Here we have poison oak, which the goats eat with impunity
and, apparently, immunity.  No immunity for the people who drink the milk -
you just have to wait until it's out of the goats' system.

You are right that any animal is trainable, and people do train their goats;
but training their eating habits away seems much more difficult than penning
them and having attractive food within the pen.

Stephen Sadler
USDA 9, AHS heat zone 8, 
Sacramento CA - Mediterranean climate

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One time we had a goat who got loose from the tree where we had it
tied up too. It ended up eating some poison ivy (or some other
poisonous shrub) and never did again eat any more foilage. Moral of
the story, goats can be trained, even by themselves.

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