[NAFEX] Fruit Tree and goat care

Nate nrhora at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 11:19:04 EDT 2006


It's good to have healthy does, and putting them on a consistent diet
will ensure them to live for many years to come.

Your persimmon tree should recover from the attack from the doe, you
just need to ensure that they are properly trained so they won't do
that again. Prehaps it was that time of the season that the does
started acting irradictly, but once that time of the season has come
to past then the does should be back to their regular schedule (maybe
the mating season???) It's been known that during this time of the
year, that once the does catch the scent of a bull running around,
they sure pick that up quite quickly, and prehaps they were marking
it's territory, to ensure that not too many bulls would come to

A suggestion with your trees: it's been said that if you whip up a
cocontion of nutmeg, brown/red sugar, and cranberry paste over your
protected areas that this will be a major deterent to other critters
that may wish to attack said trees.

One last note: have your does been having proper sleeping patterns, if
not, this might end up changing their behavior (social disturbance)

Hope this all helps.

On 7/11/06, Richard Moyer <ramoyer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Advice requested:
> We just bought 2 Nigerian Dwarf does, who are meeting our fresh milk needs.
> One went from the milking stand this morning to eating some weeds and
> hanging grapeleaves, which is what we like.
> When I looked up again, she had just pulled 2 big hunks of bark (4-5" long)
> from a 3" persimmon sapling, which we had recently topworked.  That tree and
> two others like it are on my to do list to protect today, with 2"x4"
> fencing--somehow she knew!  (She, so far, had avoided debarking all other
> saplings in their woodlot.)
> I put the goats in their fence, wrapped the persimmon trunk in parafilm and
> shaded it with cardboard.
> Any other advice on care of this trunk?  1/3-1/2 of the bark is gone in 2
> spots on the south side.
> Second question, for those with goat experience:
> Do we assume that goats will strip bark, anytime, any season, on any tree?
> If there an age/size of fruit tree that is ever avoided when plenty of other
> browse and concentrate is around?  Or do I assume that any fruit tree, any
> size, may be debarked at anytime, thereby always fencing them out?
> Thanks,
> Richard Moyer
> East TN
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