[NAFEX] [permaculture] heritage peach tree preservation

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The Chinese apricot varitey came from Utah orginally and is said to have 'sweet pits'. We have quite a few of the Chinese variety apricots in our orchard. There is one drawback to the Chinese variety and this is it is a clingstone. The best trait of the Chinese is that it is good for late frost prone areas as it blooms over about three weeks and will usually outlast the late frosts. As to the age of the Apricot trees, that is not considered too long a time for apricots. Peaches will usually be gone in 25 years but apricots may still be producing 200 years after planting. There are apricot trees in the Hunza Valley of Pakistan that are inheired by the women that are said to be over 300 years old. 
As to the pits, I would suggest that you roast the kernels before eating them. Even in Central Asia they roast them. And anybody reading this should not try to eat the pits of any apricots that are not considered to have 'sweet pits.'
Good luck with your projects.
Richard Ashton
Oak Creek Orchard
bwoodtx at verizon.net

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  thanks for your suggestions, I noticed that you are specializing partly in apricots. On the adjacent property to the peaches, there are two apricot trees that were planted in 1864, one is a Chinese and the other is a Moore Park. These trees are in much better shape, they've been well taken care of, and we will be working to propagate these as well. I'm not sure of the average lifespan of apricots, so I don't know if these are out of the ordinary. The owner told me that the Chinese Apricot has pits that are sweeter than almonds. 


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