[NAFEX] [permaculture] heritage peach tree preservation

oliver smith callis oliversmithcallis at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 20:49:37 EDT 2006

that sounds right. From the story I heard, it sounded like the tree was a
clonal sapling rather than a seedling. The person who brought the cultivar
was emigrating here, and was told to bring fruit trees with her as this area
of Utah was at that time found to be good for growing fruit. This is a
fairly common story in Utah County as the homesteaders here came with the
"Mormon exodus". Resultedly there is an interesting array of fruit brought
from different parts of Europe here. However almost all of the old orchards
are now being developed into suburban subdivisions and my hope is to
preserve as many of the remaining old trees as possible. The soil here is
alkaline and the climate is semi-arid (14" precip.), the USDA zone is 5-6.
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