[NAFEX] rooting softwood mulberry

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Mon Jul 10 14:22:14 EDT 2006

At 02:28 PM 7/6/2006, Donna wrote:
>  I'm surprised that no one has jumped in with the answer to your 
> question.  Lucky must be out of town.
Yeah, I was.

I've had better success with M.rubra as summer-collected(seems like I 
did 'em in July) semi-hardwood cuttings than as dormant-collected 
cuttings.   M.alba & the M.a.XM.r. hybrids would probably work as 
well or better than M.rubra.

Pencil-diameter cuttings of current-year's growth have worked fairly 
well for me, 8-10 inches in length - I'll leave 2 or 3 leaves 
attached, but cut about half the leaf off (just a transverse cut, 
halfway up the leaf) to diminish transpiration losses.  Wound and dip 
the basal end in your choice of rooting hormone and stick in a 
soilless potting mix.  I water daily, and keep the cuttings in a 
shady spot - no direct sun.
I've tented some by placing a plastic bag over the pot the cuttings 
were in, and left others 'untented', and really didn't see much difference.

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