[NAFEX] Cape Gooseberry vs. Groundcherry

Nate nrhora at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 11:28:53 EDT 2006

Of course to prevent that from happenning in the first place all one
would need is to use a tamper-proof air-pressured jar (you might want
to think of investing in a machine that allows compressed air to push
the jam/jelly/preserve further into the jar, allowing that air-tight
seal; it will pay dividends down the road)

On 7/7/06, Jim Fruth <jfruth at uslink.net> wrote:
>     I should mention that we have a commercial food processing license and
> are regularly inspected by the USDA.  Something most folks wouldn't know is
> that, by law, we are required to have our products contain 65% sugar or we
> wouldn't be allowed to use the words "jelly," "jam" or "preserves."  To that
> law, it is added that jelly, jams and preserves must have a pH of 4.6 or
> lower.  Fruits whose jelly, jam or preserves, result in a product of higher
> than a pH of 4.6 must be acidified; we use citric acid for that purpose.  If
> manufactured under these guidelines, no further preservative is needed.
>     Some might say that the federal government is sticking their nose where
> it doesn't belong, perhaps pressured by sugar companies, but not so.  Anyone
> with a background in bacteriology should be able to tell you that, with that
> much sugar and that low of a pH, Costridium botulinus, the source of
> botulism poisoning, and E. coli cannot grow in it.  We have a refractometer
> and pH meter that we use to test every batch before it get bottled.  Worthy
> of mention is that, if anyone accidentally, or purposefully. introduces
> either bacterium into a jelly, if it grows, it is the manufacturer's fault.
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> Stephen,
> Cape gooseberry (from recent experience): very sweet tasting/sapid,
> basically if you have a sweet tooth then you would wiley's for this
> Ground cherry on the other hand is more down to earth, syrupy, easy to
> spread in your mouth taste. (more of a favorite)
> Bon apetit
> On 7/6/06, Stephen Sadler <Docshiva at docshiva.org> wrote:
> > Jim,
> >
> > What's the difference in flavor between cape gooseberry and groundcherry
> > jams?
> >
> > Stephen
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