[NAFEX] Identity crisis - Nectarine

Nate nrhora at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 19:20:20 EDT 2006

Last summer, while we were down by Burns Cove, Utah (a relatively hard
to get place near Utah Lake which is famous for the rare June sucker)
we came across a new species of Nectarine. The tree itself wasn't in
the best of shape, it looked like someone had taken part of the tree
out, our guess either for firewood or prehaps a vehicle of some sort
had hit it.

The surviving part of the tree had quite an abundance of fruit, which
seemed to be pest resistant, and the skin was easily damaged which is
fairly common. The fruit itself was odd as it seemed to have larger
then normal sized offspring, and one would assume that this would be a
bumper crop.

Nonetheless, we picked at least a bushel of our newfound nectar and
when opportunity arose, we decided to can some and jam the rest. Much
to our dismay we ended up finding the fruit to be very bitter, and had
an unusual freestone colour to it once we started to process it

Just curious as to what this could possible be?

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