[NAFEX] Cape Gooseberry Jam

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I haven't tried ground cherry.  I have recipes saying the two are
interchangeable, but I would expect quite a bit of difference since they're
different species.

When I grew cape gooseberry, I had a very hard time getting myself to
appreciate that it should be used as a fruit.  My background is
Irish/Italian/Mexican, and that last part is very, very familiar with
tomatillos.  I see golden berry, I think tomatillo.  And, like tomatillos,
they can be used to make salsa; though sweet/hot, not green tomatoey/hot.  
So I used them in salsas and vegetable salads.  This was good, but I
certainly wasn't exploring their usual uses.

This thread has made me want to give them another chance.


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Cape gooseberry (from recent experience): very sweet tasting/sapid,
basically if you have a sweet tooth then you would wiley's for this

Ground cherry on the other hand is more down to earth, syrupy, easy to
spread in your mouth taste. (more of a favorite)

Bon apetit

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