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This is what I can remember from reading a very good book on the topic.

Saskatoon Propagation
As remembered from Manual of Richard St. Pierre.
(an excellent book as I recall; well worth buying)

Self Fertile.
Use seeds from the original parent clone F1.
Seedlings the same or very close to parent.
(echoed by Paul Hamer of Saskatoon Farm)
Seedlings may go dormant quickly.
May need greenhouse / nursery for a year or two.
Yank out oddballs.
Collect fully ripe fruit from good yielding plants.
Frozen seed OK.
Sterilize seed if you want; captan or 10% bleach.
Store in sealed container between 1 to 7 C.
Soak seeds in water prior to stratif or planting.
Germination rates between 7 to 67 % based on genetics and loa\cation of parent.

Method 1
Sow seed in moist sandy bed late fall.
Soil depth = 2x to 3x seed diam.
Protect from high wind.
Cover with screen to prevent mice.
Don't overwater.

Method 2
Beat the seeds from the fruit with a dull blender on low speed.
Strain seed / wash.
Sterilize with 10% bleach, 5 minutes.
Soak seed in water for 5 minutes.
PLace seed in moist coarse sand; 1 part seed, 4 parts sand in a perforated plastic bag. Put in fridge at 4C.
Stir gently once a week; look for germination; keep moist.
Could take 3 to 5 months to germin.
When just slightly germinated, put seed into sand/peat moss 50/50.
May use a dilute solution of 10-10-10 (I wouldn't).
Harden off on the way outside.

Good Luck.

I hope somebody tries this with a few varieties.

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