[NAFEX] elderberries under black-walnuts

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 5 17:13:24 EDT 2006

Last winter someone asked if elderberries would produce under black-walnut trees. 
The Sambucus canadensis was recently in full bloom, so I hiked a loop thru the
neighbor's black-walnut grove.  The oldest trees there are about 50 years, and they
have been spreading via seeds ever since those originals produced nuts.  It is not a
large area, but big enough to wonder about trends (like, "no poison-ivy?!")

I noticed no Sambucus can., nor the locally more common S. pubescens.  But, I was
watching for the white flowers of the first and the red berries of the second.  I
stumbled on no non-fruiting plants of either.  I thought I might see some S.can in
the younger part of the grove, because it is lower & wetter, but no.  Overall I also
thought there were far fewer buckthorns & honeysuckles than under oaks, but a
detailed survey might debunk that.  Yes I asked the neighbors if they'd done any
brush removal or pioson-ivy control in the grove, and they said they hadn't.

Understory was primarily black-raspberries (fruiting where shade was thin),
gooseberry (fruiting in pretty heavy shade), w/ a couple each chokecherry &
nannyberry.  Sandy/ sandy loam soil over gravel.

tc, s.WI, where we get 3" rain every 3 weeks-- isn't that the same as 1" per week ?!!

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