[NAFEX] Saskatoon Jam

Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Tue Jul 4 22:08:22 EDT 2006

Hello again;

Reading about Juneberries got me excited.
They seemed too good not to try.

So, I ordered some Saskatoon Jam from some "Plantation Place" in Canada.
I'm telling you it was the best jam I ever had.
Hard to describe; strawberry-raspberry-sweet-sour-Idontknowwhat taste.
I was hooked. 

I have had the pleasure of eating a few ripe ones off my Smoky plants.
Not the slightest bit boring.
I have also eaten some REAL DUDS off the same plants; small, dry, blue zeroes !!
Only having a handful to describe, that is my experience.
More when the 900 plants I have left mature a bit more.

I will also paraphrase a popular reference on Saskatoon Seed Germination in a day or two.

Richard (Murph) Murphy
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