[NAFEX] storing scionwood

Dave Griffin griffingardens at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 23 17:59:31 EST 2006

I've sent this before but here is what works for me in zone 4a: Take scions
in the end of December or just before the -20F lows arrive that damage wood
and buds. Dip 1/4" of the ends in melted candle wax with a little mineral
oil in it for pliability so it doesn't flake off. Then a 10 second quick
dip with swishing around agitation for thorough wetting in a 5-10% bleach
solution. Lots of rinsing in lots of cold water. Pat dry and spray with a
1:5 or so solution of Wilt-Pruf. Let dry on parallel sticks for air
circulation (like on railroad tracks) in a cold room overnight or until dry
to the touch. Store in sterilized bagel bags (tough and the right size)
without moisture that are wrapped tightly with the Saran-Wrap like material
that the builder's center uses to tie up your moldings and plastic pipe at
the check-out counter. They sell this too in a package that looks like a
WWII German potato masher grenade. This allows you to wrap the package
tightly so excess air is removed from the package. Adding moisture of any
kind just invites rot to form in long term storage and is not necessary.
Store in a regular refrigerator away from contact with the walls if you
have a self-defroster, and these days you probably do. Keep water in a 6"
shallow pan and re-fill when necessary. Wood stays dead dormant through
June, even sweet cherries, so I can use it for bench grafting in March and
then again for spring budding in June. I have an unproven theory that the
fact that the wood has not yet reached its chill hour requirement helps
keep it dormant so long. I cannot hold sweet cherry wood taken in March for
more than a month without the buds starting to push.. 

Central MN

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> From: derry and bill <wchase at interchange.ubc.ca>
> To: North American Fruit Explorers <nafex at lists.ibiblio.org>
> Date: 1/23/06 1:29:16 PM
> Subject: [NAFEX] storing scionwood
> Alexander,
> Are you referring to apple scions? Or other fruit scions?
> Where do you live?
> I'm storing mine at 1-3°C (about 34-37°F), but the peach and plum are 
> often not very good in May.
> Derry
> http://derrysorchardandnursery.ca
> Alexander Dragotin wrote:
> > Your phrase "...scion breaks dormancy in storage!" isn't valid, if
> > the
> scions are stored properly.
> > I wrap the scions in a moist (but not wet) newspaper sheets, put them
> > 
> in a plastic bag and keep them frozen in an refrigerator at temperature
> of 23 Grad F/-5 Grad C. Sometimes I cut the scions in December to avoid
> damage due to strong freezing upon the months January and February.
> Storing the scions frozen I enjoy the scions even in April and May
> without any degradation in their quality. And the scions buds are
> assured still dormant.
> > I use a common refrigerator provided with more accurate self made
> electronic temperature regulator instead of the usual thermostat.
> > Alexander Dragotin
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