[NAFEX] Jujube in a pot; shy jujube production

Ethan Natelson, M.D. natelson at stehlinclinic.com
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Dear Richard,

     I have a very large Sherwood, which, in its initial years, was a very
shy bearer.  I then grafted three other jujubes to it, and last year the
entire tree and all of the grafted limbs were loaded with jujubes.  I don't
know if the difference in bearing was the addition of the alternate
pollinators, the age of the tree, or just a fluke.

Ethan (Zone 9)
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  While living in Seoul, Korea a few years ago, walked to work past many
apartments and small houses, a number of which had small jujube trees in
pots.  Pots ranged from a few to over 20 gallons.  Folks there with small
yards had kaki persimmons, goumi, apricots and other prunus planted in the
ground, but virtually all the jujube plants I saw in various neighborhoods
were in pots, often on porches or roofs.  We were not there in the fall, so
did not see them in fruit, with the prevalence of jujube in certain Korean
dishes, I assume these plants fruited.

  Li, Lang and Sherwood are shy bearers in the upper south and mid-Atlantic
states, as far as I've observed here and for several other growers.  Any of
you out there getting hundreds of Li, Lang or Sherwood per tree, especially
in mid-Atlantic, mid-west or northeast locations?  If we get 5-10, we feel
blessed on these cultivars.  Surely they must bear better somewhere.

  Far and away, our best jujube producers are from a TVA planting near
Knoxville, TN, which bear thousands of fruit per older tree.  When
transplanted to east TN, these trees bear hundreds of times more fruit than
the Lang or Sherwood cultivars blooming beside them (so much fruit that I
let the late ones rot).  But one large TVA-transplanted tree bears only 0-5
fruit/year from tens of thousands of blooms, again with several potential
pollinators nearby.  Haven't tried putting this selection in a pot.

  So agreed with Lee's post.  Jujube pollination is yet to be worked out.
My suspicion is that some cultivars are much better suited to certain
growing conditions than others, and that potted culture may be able to push
some of these shy bearers into production.
  Richard Moyer
  East TN, Zone 6
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