[NAFEX] Pruning strategies for M27 (Gene's favorite apples)

Rodney reveland at collinscom.net
Thu Apr 27 22:36:26 EDT 2006

>I have looked at Gene's M27 strategies at:
> http://www.midfex.org/yale/dwarf.html and like what he has done.

I looked at Gene's favorite apples and searched on Pomme Gris which is also
called Pome Gris on his site. I suspect Pomme is the correct spelling.
However some sites say this is a dessert apple and yet cummins describes it
as a cider apple. Maybe it's the rootstock? He described Pomme Gris and
Hawaii as having multiple flavors in the same apple. Has anyone else heard
of this "trait"?

Rodney in Northeast Wy.

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