[NAFEX] Gummosis? on peaches

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If the gum is on the peaches and forms spots, the peaches have bacterial 
spot, as in the photos at the following link: 
Bacterial spot is different from gummosis.

 The only spray for bacterial spot is Mycoshield.  Mycoshield should be used 
after a Champ (copper) or Kocide spray.  Apply the copper at dormancy or 
prior to 1/2 " green and the Mycoshield at peach shuck split.  If you do not 
spray, the disease will be worse the following season.  After the original 
Mycoshield spray you can follow-up the next season with wettable sulfur 95% 
instead of  Mycoshield and then rotate each successive season.  The sulfur 
you already sprayed may not have been a sufficient  rate to stop it.  If you 
need more information, you can contact me at my e-mail address.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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  A clear gelatinous substance is on my peaches which are now about 3/4 
inch.  I believe that it is gummosis and has also been observed on the 
trunks.   The trees have been sprayed twice this year with Surround, sulfur 
and Serenade.  Should this help control gummosis?  Will the peaches already 
affected still be salvageable or should they be removed?
  Any suggestions for organic control of this and any other typical problems 
of growing peaches in the Southeast would be appreciated.

  Shirley Murphy
  zone 7 
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